Tuesday, August 30, 2005


We're often contacted by men who are looking for ex-girlfriends, or women they were once attracted to. They'll say something like, "I went to school with her and lost contact after graduation. I'm sure she'll be glad to hear from me."

We take these cases on one condition. After we locate the subject, we tell the potential client, "We'll tell her that you're looking for her. If she gives us permission to give her address to you, then we will. Otherwise, we'll respect her privacy."

This always weeds out stalkers, as we never hear from these would-be clients again. Legitimate clients have no problem with this policy, and understand that we need to do all we can to protect the public from this sort of thing.

Several years ago, we were hired by two different stalkers. Intuitively, in both cases we told the women that so-and-so is looking for you. In these two cases the police were involved and restraining orders had been issued. Now we make it a policy to tell clients in advance about our policy.

Incidentally, in both cases, the client (stalker) gave us stolen credit cards. Now, we have strong measures in place to prevent credit card fraud.

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