Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Husbands (and sometimes wives) place bugs or GPS trackers

Half the cases I do are because of divorce. The other half are businesses. Divorce cases are called “domestic” cases.
GPS tracker (about 6")

Most guys are into technology. Some are more sophisticated than others. Often, in a divorce situation a guy taps a phone or puts a listening device (bug) in the house. A lot of people live together while they’re going through a divorce. Some even sleep in the same bed together!
All a guy has to do is go into Radio Shack. He buy a device to tap your phone, or buy a few voice-activated recorders and hid them in an inconspicuous places, like inside a plant, on a book shelf, or under a sofa.
If he taps your phone with a device from Radio Shack. Trace all your phone wires from your telephone to the wall jack. If you see a splitter watch out! Splitters are in the wall jack. You can trace them to a recorder. Usually, their hidden under a bed or other furniture.
If the phone number is in his name and if he has another apartment, he might have tapped your phone another way. Call the phone company and ask them if there is an OPX (off-premise extension) or a FX (foreign exchange) on your line. (If the phone isn’t in his name he might talk them into doing anyway.)
All he has to do is lift the phone quietly when he’s in his apartment and listen in. Of course, every time the phone rings he would do the same thing.
Or, he can buy a GPS tracker online and track you on his laptop. They’re attached by magnets so it’s easy to place one on the bottom of your car, and remove it too.
One time I had a woman who was married hire me. She wanted to check her car for a GPS tracker. It seems that she had a boyfriend. I found one and removed it. It probably ended up in her garage.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Eavesdropping equipment: How to keep your home or office free from them.

So often when I do sweeps at a home or business people ask me, “How can I prevent eavesdropping in the future?”

Let me share a few tips:
Make sure you know everyone who comes into your home or office. If a telephone or cable company employee comes in, check their identification, or call the company to see if they belong here.
Do background checks on employees, even household employees. They may not be who they say they are.
Don’t accept electronic gifts, such as clock radios, lamps, calculators, or other instruments, especially from people you don’t trust.
If overnight mail or a package comes from someone who is on vacation, put it in a soundproof room, not on the person’s desk. Some eavesdroppers have been known to send a Fedex to someone they know who is on vacation -- with a bug in it. They can here all the conversation in the office.
Finally, If you see an unaccounted cell phone, remove the battery. Cell phones are the biggest bugs right now. They can listen to everything within 30 feet.