Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Private Investigators: Right Time to Hire One

Yes, the gas prices have gone down, but the economy is still in very bad shape. Millions of people have been laid off this year and many companies have gone out of business.

Sherlock Investigations has been in business since 1995. The recession is affecting us, but we don't plan to quit now. As a result of the recession, we're willing to work with you, and we'll make every effort to make our fees affordable.

Not only have we lowered our prices, we have more time to conduct investigations. In both cases you win!

If you've been thinking of hiring a private investigator, now is the time. Whether it's to locate someone who owes you money, to sweep your office for electronic listening devices, conduct surveillance on someone, or to conduct pre-employment screening for your company, now is the right time.

Remember, we accept the challenge of unusual cases.

Contact us today at; investigators are standing by.