Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car Bugged?

Your car may be bugged, or have a GPS device attached, and you don't even know it. Typically, bugs in cars are transmitted by a cleverly hidden cell phone. Some of these cell phones have an extension microphone and a cord going to the battery for power (see photo). They are difficult to detect.

All bugs in autos are transmitters, either powered by a cell phone, or a stand-alone transmitter, often attached to the radio's antenna. Of course, sometimes a person hides a voice-activated recorder within proximity of the driver. Then they retrieve it later to hear what's been said in what you assumed was complete privacy.

GPS units are very popular. There are two types: active and passive. With an active GPS the eavesdropper can see in real-time where the driver goes from his laptop. A passive GPS device must be retrieved and then the eavesdropper can see where the car has traveled from his computer.

GPS units can be as small as a pack of gum. They're black, which makes them difficult to locate, and can be placed under the car, in the grill, under the seats, in the glove compartment....almost anywhere.

When placed underneath the car by magnets they can be removed instantly.

If someone knows who you speak to, and knows the conversation you had with them, and you have spoken with that person in the car, you are probably being eavesdropped on. Or, if someone knows where you have traveled they may have placed a GPS device in your car.

We have equipment that can locate active and inactive bugs as well as both passive and active GPS units. Clients can drive their cars to our location on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or we can come to their residence or parking space.

We have found more eavesdropping devices planted in cars than we have in either homes or offices.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Bed bugs? Check out your exterminator!

We got a call from a guy who’s now living in Motel 6. At first he had bed bugs and now he’s homeless.

As a solution to his bed bug problem he went on the Internet to find an exterminator. He found one nearby who had a nice website, and the exterminator claimed he had 30 years experience.

He hired him. The exterminator wanted $5000 down, but it was guaranteed to eliminate the bed bugs. He paid. Then the exterminator came after him for another $5000. He still hadn’t done anything yet! (I know, you ask how the guy could be so stupid. Con men get the word “con” from “confidence.” There are many kinds of cons, from your neighborhood spiritual advisor to Bernie Madoff.)

Anyway, then the guy lost his job and couldn’t make his mortgage payments, and now he’s living in Motel 6. (Anybody want to buy a house with bed bugs?)

Finally, he checked the exterminator out by going to the county courthouse. The exterminator had a long list of suits, judgments, and a couple of bankruptcies. The guy who called us now has a suit against the exterminator. (Lots of luck.)

At Sherlock Investigations we can check out any contractor, in any state. Whether you hire some to put in a pool, or exterminate bed bugs, let us check ‘em out first!