Monday, April 18, 2011

Bug sweep of a car in Connecticut

The other day I was called to a rush job on a car in Greenwich, Connecticut.

After checking carefully under the dashboard, air vents for hidden microphones, and under the driver's seat for microphones or recorders, I popped the hood and checked for connections on the battery.

Then, I went around the vehicle underneath. I started on the right side. When I got to the back right side I spotted it with my flashlight.

A plastic box about 6 x 10 inches was on the body just behind the right rear wheel. Of course, it was held on to the body by a powerful magnet. It was an active GPS unit. An active GPS unit will tell a laptop anywhere in the world via cell phone where the vehicle is at any given moment.

I pulled it off and put it on the rear seat to photograph it. Then, I placed it back to where it was. The client was delighted. I don't know what they'll do with the information I discoverd. I'm just paid to find bugs and GPS units.