Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counterfeit Merchandise

Counterfeit merchandise is the nemesis of owners of Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property owners are aware that the Internet has replaced Canal Street as the leading market in counterfeit merchandise.

Whether counterfeiters have posted on eBay, message boards, or their own web sites, Sherlock Investigations locates the sellers of fake bags, sunglasses, watches, and other luxury goods. We purchase the product, tag it, create a chain of custody, send it to our client's legal department, and, most importantly, find out who is really behind the sale.

We know all the tricks sellers use to hide their true identity.

• Our investigative reports give you everything you need to deliver a Cease and Desist letter, shut down a site, or initiate other legal action.

• Additional services include locating a current address to serve an individual, and "brick and mortar" investigations...from the buy to the confiscation of counterfeit merchandise.

Contact us now, we'll work within your budget. Stop the rip-offs!

Sherlock Investigations supports the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC).

Please note: If you purchase counterfeit merchandise, you are likely supporting terrorism and organized crime. Fake merchandise is for fake people.

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Cause Stalking

“Cause stalking” and “gang stalking” are one in the same. “Gang stalking” simply means that many people are involved in the stalking. People who believe in certain causes often feel powerless because popular opinion and/or the laws of the land are against them. The causes they support range from anti-abortion to anti-gay rights. Of course, all people who believe in these causes are not stalkers.

Many stalkers are bullies. They practice the grown-up version of schoolyard bullying. They know of no other way to express themselves. Therefore, they heap psychological warfare on helpless victims.

Some victims have nothing to do with the causes that stalkers espouse. Still others are outspoken and against the particular cause. Some victims are corporate whistle blowers. Stalkers are angry and revengeful and they take their anger out on the innocent.

If you’re a stalking victim, your friends and relatives may think that you’re crazy. Stalkers want to make you crazy, to make you insane, and even drive you to suicide. Destroying you gives them power.

After being stalked for some time, you may start to act crazy, so you can’t blame your friends and relatives for thinking you are.

Stalkers may constantly follow you, videotape you, harass you, spread rumors about you, break into your home and move little things around, place electronic eavesdropping devices in your home, or vandalize your vehicle or home.

We can help you. We’ll listen to your story. We’ll investigate your claims.

Sherlock Investigations doesn’t take every case involving alleged stalking. But don’t fear. Tell us your story. If we think you’re credible, no matter how off the wall you seem to your friends and family, we’ll take the case.

If we take your case, Sherlock Investigations will:

• Conduct counter-surveillance to gather evidence that you are truly being stalked.

• Try to identify and expose the stalkers (this often causes them stop).

• Sweep your home and vehicle for electronic eavesdropping devices.

• Suggest things that you can do to thwart the stalkers.

• Take your case to the authorities if there is hard evidence.

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Cell Phone Bugs

It's official. Cell phones can be bugged. And a lot of people are calling Sherlock Investigations about it.
For as little as $59, you can buy spyware on the Internet and place it on almost any cell phone.
People ask, "Is this legal?" No, it's not. I'm sure that the U.S. authorities will crack down on the vendors of this spyware pretty soon. Even when they do, they'll still sell it outside of the U.S. on the Internet.
Remember, modern cell phones are like computers. They can can infected with viruses and have spyware placed on them.
What does spyware do? Well, the person who placed it on your cell phone can listen to both sides of every conversation. They can read your text messages. They can view the photos stored on your phone, and tell where you are at any time. But wait, there's more.
If your cell phone is bugged, the person doing it can call your cell phone (it won't ring) and turn on the microphone. Then they can listen to conversations in the room or car where you are located.
You say, "Well, I'll just turn the phone off when I'm not using it." You might go through the motions of turning it off, but it won't really be off. The only way to really turn it off is to remove the battery.
If your cell phone is bugged it's working overtime. The battery won't last nearly as long as it did when you first got it. Also, the phone will stay warm if the battery is being used.
The Technical Division of Sherlock Investigations has a new service to check cell phones for activity when the phones are supposedly not being used. If you want to take advantage of it, we must have physical possession of your phone for 24 hours. The fee to check your cell phone is $150, plus Fedex charges to get it back to you. We provide free pickup and delivery in Manhattan.
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Don't call from a cell phone that you think is infected.