Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lust is in the air

Some investigative agencies report that their case-load of infidelity cases doubles on Valentine's Day. I don't know if this is media hype, or reality. I know that a number of media outlets contacted Sherlock Investigations prior to Valentine's Day and asked if our business increased on that day. Truthfully, it doesn't.

However, surveillance, as part of infidelity investigations, increases in the Spring. Love, or lust, seems to go hand-in-hand with Spring. The change of seasons, warmer weather and fewer clothes, and life bursting out of the ground and tree branches seems to trigger something in us.

So, with March here, Spring starts officially next month. With the arrival of Spring, our surveillance activities in New York City will increase accordingly. While I like having more business, it's always sad to me that there are so many bad relationships. When a relationship has soured so much that one of the partners requests surveillance, it signals the end of the relationship. But, I suppose, sometimes we just have to know.

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