Thursday, March 02, 2006

Disappear Completely

Sherlock Investigations got a good mention in New York magazine on February 27th. The cover story in New York was "Change Your Life." Chock full of good tips on how to start anew, one, Number 12, in which I was quoted, was called "Disappear Completely."

Among the tips for disappearing, was live on cash alone. Of course, this is hard to do. You either have to have a stash hidden somewhere, or get paid under the table. And about the only jobs like that are waiting on tables and picking apples.

One thing I told the writer, but didn't make the article, was that to disappear completely one has to break off all contact with friends and relatives. This is where most deadbeats and fugitives gone wrong. It's really difficult to break off all associations from the past. There's always someone that most people want to keep in touch with. (When looking for fugitives, we check their mother's house on Thanksgiving.)

The people who keep in touch with old associates are the people whose phone will be tapped by the FBI. One call to that old friend and they're done.

Some people have a legitimate reason to disappear (thus the Witness Protection Program), but most do not. And unless one takes very extreme measures, anyone can be found.

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