Wednesday, May 17, 2006

People Search

At Sherlock Investigations we like to find people. Among the most popular reasons our clients hire us to locate the current whereabouts of someone is that they're looking for debtors, witnesses/heirs, deadbeat parents (usually fathers), criminals, runaways, birth parents or long-lost siblings.

With a success rate of 98%, Sherlock's private investigators specialize in locating hard-to-find people. You can believe that Sherlock's private investigators are the best in the industry. Unlike some services found on the Internet, we provide you with a valid current address, not just a long printout of matching names. (We never use Net Detective.) We work with you throughout the process of locating someone.

How it works

Initially, Sherlock's private investigators painstakingly search billions of public and non-public records contained in 24,000+ databases. They include:

The three major credit bureaus, utilizing Social Security numbers
Driver's licenses
Voting records
Date of birth files
Social Security Death Index
Current phone numbers
Warranty registration cards
Magazine subscriptions
U.S. Postal changes of address
High school and college alumni databases
Professional licenses
Inmate locator databases
Multiple state, county, and city databases
Newspaper articles and obituaries

If utilizing the resources listed above fails in locating the current whereabouts of your subject - and depending upon our your wishes - Sherlock's private investigators personally contact friends, relatives, former neighbors, former classmates, former landlords, and employers. We'll even go to previous addresses and knock on doors for you.

Sherlock Investigation's rates

Sherlock Investigation's flat rates with no hidden fees provide five weeks of investigative services ... more than sufficient time to locate most people. Sherlock Investigations can usually locate almost anyone in a matter of days, but sometimes it takes weeks or months.

If, after five weeks, Sherlock Investigations haven't located your subject, we close the case. Now, because of Sherlock's high success rate, the cases coming in have become more and more difficult. Sherlock aims to please you, but it's sometimes impractical and costly to continue an investigation. However, Sherlock now offers special "Sherlock Insurance."

Sherlock Insurance

Sherlock Insurance is a consumer protection plan that guarantees that Sherlock will continue to look for your subject until the subject is located. Even if it takes Sherlock six months, or even a year, Sherlock will stay on your case. Now, for a mere $99 one-time additional fee, Sherlock Investigations guarantees that your case will remain active until the subject is located.

In criminal cases, Sherlock's private investigators work closely with law enforcement. In some cases, a county or state will not extradite a wanted felon, mostly for budgetary reasons, so attempts to locate the felon may be futile.


"I literally spent years searching on my own for a biological father I hadn't seen in roughly 30 years. I used all the resources I could find on the web even spending the money on some of the online people finding services. At every turn I was met with nothing but failure and frustration. After reading the testimonials on Sherlock Investigation's website and seeing their phenomenal success rate, I decided to give their private investigators a try. You probably think I'm exaggerating, but in a mere 90 minutes after I emailed Skipp Porteous the very limited information I had, he had found my father! Not only that, he also provided me with a current address and phone number, both of which were 100% accurate. I could have never imagined that Skipp and his private investigators would be able to do such an amazing job so fast. If only they could make the meeting as easy as the finding."

- B.A., North Carolina

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