Thursday, August 03, 2006

Find a Person

Finding people is one of several things that we do very well at Sherlock Investigations. We've been locating people for many years. When the Internet first came on the scene I was afraid that it would cut into our business. We've experienced quite the contrary.

On the Internet you can find many services that claim to find people. Whether you Google "people search," "find a person," "find someone," or many other combinations, you'll get many hits. Some of these sites offer free people searches. They'll find the easy ones.

Others even post ominous warnings such as:

Find A Person - Warning
Do Not Pay For Any People Search
Service Until You Read This

"Find People" Scam Alert
Do Not Purchase Any "Find People"
Results Until You Read This Warning

I strongly suspect that these warnings are not posted by neutral review boards or consumer boards, but are from self-serving companies that sell the public almost useless programs to locate people, or to conduct background investigations on people.

At Sherlock Investigations, we never use programs such as Net Detective or similar programs. We have access to databases that require a valid private investigation license. But, we often go way beyond database searches. For example, a recently missing person won't show up in any database as the information in them is often months old.

We get on the phone, go out into the street when necessary, and employ other trade secrets that I'm not about to tell. Yes, we're more expensive than computer programs you can buy on the Internet, but over the years we've proven ourselves with solid results. The testimonies on our web site are proof of this. Yes, every day we locate hard-to-find people. The results are very satisfying.

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