Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Media Hurts Private Investigator's Image

Once in a while the media presents something positive about private investigators. Most of the time, though, it's either sensationalist or negative. In our field, just like any other field, whether it's politics, banking, or education, there are bad apples.

Fictional TV shows about P.I.s either make us look like wonder-workers (and do everything for free, for you never see a P.I. taking money from a client in a TV show), or sleezeballs. Some P.I.s add to our sleezy image with their own TV shows.

Private investigators do a lot of good for society. We reign-in fugitives and deadbeat dads, we bust bogus psychics (and most of them are bogus), and find sellers of counterfeit merchandise and perpetrators of eBay fraud.

We help people from making costly mistakes when we do background investigations, we reunite loved ones, find birth parents for medical reasons, and do a number of things pro bono...just for a good cause.

Private investigators know how to dig for information, and know what to do with the information we find. (Yes, sometimes we do work wonders.) Some of us use it for good, others for not-so-good things.

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Unknown said...

Here is my latest poem called,

"Better Souls in 2007"

by Amalia E. Triebenbach (Molly of "Molly and Sonny Boy")

"We can all make the world a better place,

It's not that hard to put a smile on someone's face

You can always lend a child a helping hand

You can always do your part to care for this land.

On our planet there's bloodshed, hatred and death.

How can we really draw a satisfying breath?

The media is partly to blame, no surprise;

They pretend to love beauty. It's all a disguise.

Can we toss out the greed from savage hearts?

Becoming a good soul happens in fits and starts.

My friend, while bad folks may never drop their sword

Let's remember that My Space is a place for friends,

And not a place for war!"

Have a glorious 2007!