Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Child Abuse

A social services office in New York frequently refers people to us who are trying to locate birth parents. Although these people usually have little money, we try to help them.

Today, a social services agency that helps homeless people called us. The case worker had a man there who was looking for the mother of his child, and the child. The social worker called Sherlock Investigations to see if we could help.

My associate, Sherry, talked to him. Right away, she asked the social worker if the homeless man had a criminal record. While still on the phone, the social worker asked the homeless person.

"Yes, he does," he said.

"For what," Sherry asked.

"Child abuse," he said.

Of course we're not going to help him find his child when he's been arrested for child abuse! You'd think that the social worker would have asked him himself.

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