Thursday, December 07, 2006

Background Check on YOU!

At Sherlock Investigations we commonly have clients ask us to check them out. They want a background check on themselves.

A recent client was applying for a Small Business Association loan. Before he sent in his application, he wanted to know of any adverse information that the SBA might find on him.

Frequently, we have clients send us their resume and ask us to check with their former employers to learn what they have to say about them. Often, the most that they'll answer is, "Is he/she eligible for rehire?" If the answer's "no," he or she has real problems. "Yes," of course, is a good sign

When inquiring past employers for a recent client, I heard "Interesting," when I mentioned his name. I knew that it was going to be all downhill from there.

Sometimes clients admit that they had a past criminal conviction, and wonder if it will show up on a background check. Generally, if it occured more than 7 years ago it won't, BUT, you never know.

It's best to be very honest on job applications and resumes, because if the company to which you're applying for a job hires a P.I. to do a background investigation, the chances are that your untruths will be exposed!

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