Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wire Transfer Scams

Who wouldn't want $5000 for doing almost nothing? Say you get an email from someone in the United Kingdom. He says that he has three $5000 U.S. Postal Money Orders and can't cash them in the U.K., and he desperately needs the money.

He makes you an offer that's hard to refuse. He says that he'll mail you the money orders and asks you to deposit them in your bank. So far, so good. After you make the deposit, he asks you to wire $10,000 back to him. You get to keep $5,000 for this little gesture of good will.

Don't do it! Within a few days the bank will learn that these money orders are counterfeit. Meanwhile, the bank will have already sent the money to your contact in the U.K. Not only will your $5,000 earnings be no good, you'll owe the bank $10,000 for the money they transferred to the scammer.

Does this actually happen? Yes, every day.

This scam works in many different ways. Maybe you sold a $500 item on eBay and you receive a $3,000 check in the mail. The buyer asks you to send back $2,500. Don't do it! You'll soon discover that the $3,000 check is no good. And you've been scammed of $2,500.

If you receive a suspicious check or money order in the mail, contact your local Postal Inspectors. Check for more information.


Anonymous said...

Actually this is not about wire transfer scams, though against my better judgement I did get taken in onw. no, what I am commenting on is I just read you blog site and found a couple things that, well, frankly, put my nose out of joint. I know you sort of halfhanded appologize to gypsies. Well guess what? I am a full blooded French-Hungarian gypsy by descent US citizen, What is left of my ancestors were wiped out by Hitler in WWII. I am not psychic, though I am empathic, my sister sees dead people, does that count? We do not sell our talents, nor do we steal, scam or in any use our heritage. My username online is TheWVGypsy and people always ask why I'd want to announce I'm a gypsy - because I was born one. It kind of pissed me off how you although denying it called us all thieves. the other thing I took umbrange to is old ladies over 60 being paranoid.. I am 60 this year a baby boomer and pround of it, neither paranoid or bipolar thank you, I live alone and although armed to the teeth, have never had cause to shoot anyone either. I just had to vent, thank you for listening, you site is very informative.

Anonymous said...

Are you in the Gypsy Kings? Love you guys.Bamboleo Bambolea!!!