Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cell Phone Bugs

If you think that your cell phone is bugged, it's probably not. However, for a mere $59, you can now buy software on the Internet to bug someone else's cellphone. If fact, there are over 400 programs available to bug cellphones.

There are certain signs to tell that a cellphone is bugged, or has spyware. Does your battery last half the time it used to when you first got the phone? When the battery is being used to make or receive a call, it tends to get warm. Is your cellphone warm when you are not using it? If so, it may be bugged.

The Technical Division of Sherlock Investigations has developed a method to tell whether a cellphone is sending out messages when you are not even using it. If it is transmitting, it is a sure sign that it is bugged. If you turn it off, it's possible that it isn't really off. Eavesdroppers can listen in on the conversations in the room or car where the cellphone is.

One lady who contacted Sherlock Investigations was sure that her cell phone was bugged. I asked her where she usually talked on it. In her car, she said. Her soon-to-be-ex knew too much about her plans and life that I knew something fishy was going on.

After two hours of searching, I found the listening device cleverly hidden in her car. Whenever she talked on her cell phone in her car, her husband could hear her side of the conversation. I removed the device and she gave it to her lawyer.

The chances of your cell phone being bugged is slim. We can check it out, though, to be really sure.
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