Thursday, October 01, 2009

DIY Bug Sweeps

Private Eye Offers Free Debugging Manual

Can you imagine what people are learning about your personal life or business if they’ve tapped your phone or bugged your home, car, or secretly watching you on a hidden video camera?
Skipp Porteous , a Manhattan-based private investigator, has written a fully-illustrated do-it-yourself manual called Locating Wiretaps and Bugs...Without Any Special Equipment! Porteous has lots of experience as he’s been locating electronic listening for corporations and individuals for years. He founded Sherlock Investigations in 1995.
“Any honest TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) expert will tell you that most wiretaps and bugs in homes and small offices” Porteous says, “are found with a visual inspection, not with high-tech expensive equipment.”
In the free manual, downloadable in PDF form, Porteous shows how you can locate clandestine listening devices without any special, high-tech equipment. “The key,” Porteous says, “is to know what to look for.”
He says that when you finish reading this manual, you’ll know what to look for, and you’ll be ready to check out your own home, vehicle, or small office for bugs, wiretaps and hidden cameras.
Sweeping for eavesdropping devices with advanced electronic equipment can be expensive. Yet, the most important part of any assignment consists of a very thorough visual/physical search.
Locating Wiretaps and Bugs…Without Any Special Equipment! is used in TSCM classes at the World Institute for Security Enhancement.
Note: This manual will not teach you how to install bugs or wiretaps, as that is illegal. If you think that very expensive, sophisticated eavesdropping devices have been employed against you, you should call a TSCM expert.

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