Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bug sweeps in NY, CT, NJ and beyond

Recently I flew to Jamaica West Indies to perform a bug sweep for a well-known celebrity. He rented a villa there and was concerned about paparazzi placing hidden cameras. The place was clean and I was there for less than 24 hours.

Last year I swept a conference room in Washington, DC for a major pharmaceutical company who was having a convention. The job started at three in the morning. When I finished, a guard was placed at the door. The place, again, was clean.

I find eavesdropping devices in about one in twenty sweeps. Women going through divorce seem to have the most possibility of being eavesdropped. Usually, pretty low tech stuff is used.

Of course, competitors spell out the most trouble for corporations. I do a lot of sweeps at hedge funds, construction corporations, accountants, and attorneys. It seems that the most problem comes from their own employees. Several employees have been fired before I swept their office. I found eavesdropping equipment in every case.

If you even question how secret items are being leaked, give me a call. I’ll go anywhere.

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