Tuesday, December 27, 2011


You can call a certain phone number to see your phone is tapped.
Even if the wiretap is in the central office of the phone company it can be detected by a TSCM (Technical Surveillance CounterMeasures) specialist.
If you hear scratching noises or clicking on your phone it’s tapped.
You can’t tap a cell phone.
Landlords never put hidden cameras in bathrooms.
A dentist might put eavesdropping devices in your teeth.
Eavesdropping devices can be far from where conversation takes place.
Any private investigator can do a bug sweep with a $50 device bought from the Internet.
Clock radios never have hidden cameras in them.
TSCM sweeps emit electromagnetic radiation.
You don’t have to get a court-order to do a wiretap.
You can do bug sweeps with a iPhone app.
If hidden transmitters are battery-powered they can last for years.
FBI or the police care if you suspect you’re being bugged.

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