Tuesday, November 21, 2006

More on Gypsy Psychics

Since I posted Gypsy Psychic Scams some time ago, I've gotten quite a few responses from those identifying themselves as Gypsies. All of it has been angry.
In another posting, I apologized to Gypsies, because I did not mean to offend Gypsies as a people. Some have pointed out that Gypsies are involved in legitimate professions and businesses. That may well be.

Yet, I abide by my original contention: Shops with neon signs in the window that say Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Reader, or whatever, are fraudulent. A few of these women (most are women) may think that they have supernatural powers. What they have is the keen ability to read people, question people, and extract a great deal of information from them. Maybe they're convinced that they have supernatural abilities..

And, yes, most of these places are run by Gypsies. That certainly doesn't make all Gypsies bad, but it doesn't change the fact that most "fortune tellers" are Gypsies. I'm sure that there are many good, law-abiding Gypsies.

Most of the angry Gypsies who respond to this blog quote scriptures or use relgious terminology. None though, have said to me that it is wrong to lie, steal and cheat. And that's what goes on in these places.


Anonymous said...

you said gypsy are scams and have store fronts and neons,palmreader. But what about the black spanish people. Who have neon and store fronts saying psychic Reader & advisor or Botanica stores,Religious stores, or Santera ,they have the same thing why come down on gypsyes. how about psychic hot line by dean worwick dont bother them bother the gypsyes.be surprize we might start sueing for being called gypsy scames discrimanation to them.like a black person we can not call them a nigger or its all over the news.

Anonymous said...

I wish I did some research before kissing goodbye $125. When the price went up to $1800 to get rid of a curse alarm bells started... thank god for web search engines!!!!
Scum of the earth they all are. In hindsight I am happy to lose $125 for a lesson on life - I am the captian of my soul and of my future. A puppet to no one.

Anonymous said...

ok so you think all gypsyes are bad
well i work for my money and i am a student. and i have never stolen anything before in my life. but case in point who thought are people about scams? the americans!!! and i a agree we may have took a lil pieace of everyones culture but i come from good home, and good family but we are not killers and we are not!
if you just get to know us
where family people.and with that said i bid you a good night.and bless you all my sisters and brothers.