Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Andy Barker, P.I.

I tried to tape NBC's new show Andy Barker P.I. last week. With my trusty old VHS recorder on Channel 4, I pressed Record, and then switched to Channel 7 to watch Grey's Anatomy.

A couple days later, we rewound the tape to watch Andy Barker P.I. and found Grey's Anatomy on the tape. I thought that once I hit Record, I could then switch to another channel and watch that channel and still record on the first channel. Guess not.

Even though private investigating is what I do for a living, watching P.I. shows is sometimes interesting, especially P.I.'s with a good sense of humor. Most TV and movie P.I.s seem to get involved in criminal matters. In reality, criminal cases seldom come through our door, unless you count various kinds of Internet fraud and identity theft.

Missing the first episode is like being late for a movie. I hate to watch a movie if I missed the beginning. Maybe when the series is available on DVD I'll order Andy Barker P.I. from Netflix.


Copyright 2010 by Carol Scibelli said...

It's Vinnie Parco, not Parker - check out the website for court TV to find everything about it that you want.

Anonymous said...

Your cable box/dish box is probably wired to control what the VCR records. Follow the cable starting from the wall. If it goes to the box first, then out of the box to your VCR, that's why the channel changed on the tape - it was YOU changing the channel. You need to reverse it so it goes to the VCR first, then the box. You'll only be able to record channels that aren't scrambled, but at least you'll be able to do what you were originally trying to do - tape one thing and watch something else.