Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gotham Private Eye Experience

Private investigator wannabes regularly contact Sherlock Investigations for employment or interships. We encourage people not to bother sending resumes because we don't read them. Instead, email us a letter explaining what you can do. If your letter excites us you might just get a job with us. Others have.

Still, the need is great for those who've always wanted to be a private eye and wondered what the experience is really like. As a result, we recently launched Gotham Private Eye Experience, a two-day, intensive, hands-on workshop in New York City.

A week ago we had our first student. After spending two days in the Big Apple working with us she exclaimed, "I had the experience of my life!"

In the workshop we reveal many of Sherlock's secrets. We explain how we locate people, conduct background investigations, run a surveillance operation, and teach people how to locate electronic eavesdropping devices...bugs, wiretaps, hidden video cameras, and much more.

Participants receive a copy of The Idiot's Guide to Private Investigations, required reading for Sherlock's investigators, and lunches at two of New York's Upper West Side Cafes.

So, come to New York City for the experience of your life.

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