Thursday, May 03, 2007

Private Investigators: who uses them, men or women?

Generally, in domestic cases, women call Sherlock Investigations more than men. Lately, though, more men have been calling. Perhaps it has something to do with Spring's arrival. Women seem to cheat on their spouses or boyfriends as much as men do.

Women seem to have greater intuition than men. If a woman thinks a guy is cheating on her, the chances are great that she's right. Men don't seem to have that sense as much as women.

Same-sex couples also call us about their significant others. Women cheat on women and men cheat on men, just like straight people. We recently had a case where our client was a husband, who was suspicious that his wife having an affair with a woman. She was.

Our business clients are about equal as far as men and women go. This is true whether you're talking about attorneys or corporate types. The real exception are those involved with hedge funds. We regularly perform electronic sweeps for hedge fund companies in New York City. It's always a man who calls.

Our surveillance teams are usually women. This is effective because most people never suspect that women are following them. It's proven to be disarming in a lot of cases. Women seem to be able to get away with things that a man can't.

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