Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bug Sweep in Westport, CT

Recently, the Technical Division of Sherlock Investigations conducted a bug sweep in Westport, CT of a large house and two cars. The house was clean, but we found a microphone in one of the cars (see photo). It was hidden beneath the steering column. We followed the wire from the microphone to a small space under the console. There was nothing attached to the other end, but there was a cell phone connector on the cable. So, at one time the microphone had been attached to a cell phone.

The woman who hired us said that she never had a car phone, and didn't know how the microphone got in her car. Obviously, at one time her car had been bugged, but the person removed it before we checked the car. It was probably after the battery died in the cell phone. With this kind of bug, the person placing it in the vehicle can call the cell phone at any time. The cell phone doesn't ring. They can hear everything that goes on in the car, including one side of the conversation if the driver is talking on her own cell phone.

This kind of car bug is very common. Although the microphone was not very well hidden, sometimes they take quite a while to locate. If the phone is not transmitting at the time, these bugs can only be found with a very careful physical search.

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