Friday, May 01, 2009

Cell Phone Bugs

It's official. Cell phones can be bugged. And a lot of people are calling Sherlock Investigations about it.
For as little as $59, you can buy spyware on the Internet and place it on almost any cell phone.
People ask, "Is this legal?" No, it's not. I'm sure that the U.S. authorities will crack down on the vendors of this spyware pretty soon. Even when they do, they'll still sell it outside of the U.S. on the Internet.
Remember, modern cell phones are like computers. They can can infected with viruses and have spyware placed on them.
What does spyware do? Well, the person who placed it on your cell phone can listen to both sides of every conversation. They can read your text messages. They can view the photos stored on your phone, and tell where you are at any time. But wait, there's more.
If your cell phone is bugged, the person doing it can call your cell phone (it won't ring) and turn on the microphone. Then they can listen to conversations in the room or car where you are located.
You say, "Well, I'll just turn the phone off when I'm not using it." You might go through the motions of turning it off, but it won't really be off. The only way to really turn it off is to remove the battery.
If your cell phone is bugged it's working overtime. The battery won't last nearly as long as it did when you first got it. Also, the phone will stay warm if the battery is being used.
The Technical Division of Sherlock Investigations has a new service to check cell phones for activity when the phones are supposedly not being used. If you want to take advantage of it, we must have physical possession of your phone for 24 hours. The fee to check your cell phone is $150, plus Fedex charges to get it back to you. We provide free pickup and delivery in Manhattan.
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Don't call from a cell phone that you think is infected.

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