Sunday, May 10, 2009

Counterfeit Merchandise

Counterfeit merchandise is the nemesis of owners of Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property owners are aware that the Internet has replaced Canal Street as the leading market in counterfeit merchandise.

Whether counterfeiters have posted on eBay, message boards, or their own web sites, Sherlock Investigations locates the sellers of fake bags, sunglasses, watches, and other luxury goods. We purchase the product, tag it, create a chain of custody, send it to our client's legal department, and, most importantly, find out who is really behind the sale.

We know all the tricks sellers use to hide their true identity.

• Our investigative reports give you everything you need to deliver a Cease and Desist letter, shut down a site, or initiate other legal action.

• Additional services include locating a current address to serve an individual, and "brick and mortar" investigations...from the buy to the confiscation of counterfeit merchandise.

Contact us now, we'll work within your budget. Stop the rip-offs!

Sherlock Investigations supports the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC).

Please note: If you purchase counterfeit merchandise, you are likely supporting terrorism and organized crime. Fake merchandise is for fake people.

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