Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Physical' Search For Wiretaps and Bugs is Necessary

In wiretap detection we physically feel all the wires leading to the phones, because a wiretap is often very small. Some professionals tap a phone by splicing a tiny electronic bug into the phone wire and then placing electrical tape over it, trying to make it appear as if the wire has been spliced. Actually take the phone apart and look for anything that does not seem to belong. If possible, compare two phones of the same make and model to each other. They should look alike.

When conducting a physical bug inspection, be thorough and look for anything out of the ordinary. It may be the only way to detect wired microphones, recorders, fiber optic bugs, or dormant bugs.

Research Electronics International, a leading manufacturer of counter-surveillance equipment, which has one of the foremost training facilities for Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures says, “A physical search is the root of all counter-surveillance work. It also overlaps other procedures.”

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