Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spies among us?

Corporate espionage is big business. Corporations have billions of dollars invested in new products, models, and research. Obviously there’s much at stake and the competition is fierce.

We’ve had many cases that involved sweeping conference rooms prior to major business meetings. Recently the Technical Division of Sherlock Investigations electronically swept a conference room in a large hotel in Washington, D.C. prior to a major pharmaceutical company’s presentation of a new drug they were about to release. They obviously did not want their competition to know about it and wanted reassurances that their competition had not gone to extremes.

We started the sweep in the empty hotel conference room at four in the morning the day of the presentation. After finding no eavesdropping devices, a guard was posted at the conference room door.

In another case, a doctor at a well-known medical center in New York called Sherlock Investigations for a sweep. But first he wanted to get a sense of who we were and our trust-worthiness. After meeting with us, and being reassured he revealed that he was on the verge of a breakthrough for a cure for AIDS, and obviously many people would want to obtain this information.

A large construction company hired us to do a sweep in one of their offices. They had hired a retired F.B.I. agent who they suspected of leaking company secrets. They fired him and immediately had two security guards escort him out of the office. He was allowed to take only his personal belongings. They quickly called us in do a sweep of his office. Tucked away behind his desk, we found a device that recorded all the phone conversations onto his computer.

Some people are paid twice. One from the company they work for and another from the company that they are spying for. In essence, double agents.

You can prevent corporate espionage by having a reliable counter-surveillance company take a look at your company and it’s security procedures. Call now us for a free consultation.

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