Friday, February 10, 2012

GPS trackers and cell phones as bugs

I’m getting more calls about GPS trackers than anything else. I sweep at least one car a week. Last year I swept only one car a month.

I asked Jimmie Mesis, the owner of and, how many GPS trackers are sold each year. He said, “Hundreds of thousands.” He should know.
I’ve located quite a few so far on cars I’ve swept. They’ve been all attached with magnets underneath the car. They’re very visible in a small black plastic box.
They’re motion-activated, so you actually have to move the car if you want to use a cell phone finder to reveal their presence. 
By the way, cell phones have been the “bug” of choice lately. They don’t ring, they’re easily concealable, and they can be called from anywhere in the world. And, you can hear all the conversation in the room where it’s been hidden. 

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