Thursday, February 09, 2012

GPS trackers

Hundreds of thousands of GPS trackers are sold each year in the United States. Applications for this live GPS tracking device range from covert tracking, fleet personnel management, theft notification and recovery, athletics tracking, medical patient tracking, infant/children tracking, asset tracking, and freight tracking. Basically any realtime tracking you can think of.
Small in size (less than 3” wide, 4” long and 1” inch thick), with no external antenna, it could be put underneath your vehicle in a few seconds with powerful magnets.
Police, private investigators, spying mates, and employers can all follow the target vehicle from any Internet (either wifi or 3G) connected computer. It sends out a signal every 10 seconds to let them know where the vehicle is in real time. There is a motion-detector on GPS trackers that allow the rechargeable battery to last up 10 days.
You can buy them in spy stores or many online stores. sells the PGPTX5 live GPS tracker.  It is a tracker that is very easy to use and has no software to install.
One could be on your car and you don’t even know it. We know GPS trackers. We’ve located dozens on vehicles. An vehicle inspection takes about an hour.

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