Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finding Hidden Cameras

Here's a little secret that I discovered almost by accident. Among our equipment is a "nanny cam." It's simply a working GE clock radio. Inside, and completely undectable to the naked eye, is a hidden camera. The camera transmits to a receiver up to a 100 feet, and can be recorded and/or viewed on a TV monitor.

One day I was experimenting with a Sony digital camcorder that we also have in our equipment closet. The camcorder has a common feature called "Nightshot Plus." When switched on, an infrared beam goes out, and the camera records in black and white. You can use it in total darkness up to a limited distance.

While pointing the camcorder, with Nightshot turned on, at the nanny cam clock radio, I noticed that I could see right through the panel on the front of the clock radio, and very clearly see the hidden camera that is otherwise invisible.

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ePI said...

This is actually the principal behind many 'spy camera finders' on the market today, except the light in these devices reflects off of the lens of the camera. Also, once the lens has been located in a sweep, one can use an electronic signal sweeper to determine if the camera is wireless and whether or not it is broadcasting. You can learn more about how to find hidden cameras at or you can visit http://electronicprivacyinstitute/ and post your own comment.