Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Finding Hidden Cameras

Here's a little secret that I discovered almost by accident. Among our equipment is a "nanny cam." It's simply a working GE clock radio. Inside, and completely undectable to the naked eye, is a hidden camera. The camera transmits to a receiver up to a 100 feet, and can be recorded and/or viewed on a TV monitor.

One day I was experimenting with a Sony digital camcorder that we also have in our equipment closet. The camcorder has a common feature called "Nightshot Plus." When switched on, an infrared beam goes out, and the camera records in black and white. You can use it in total darkness up to a limited distance.

While pointing the camcorder, with Nightshot turned on, at the nanny cam clock radio, I noticed that I could see right through the panel on the front of the clock radio, and very clearly see the hidden camera that is otherwise invisible.

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