Thursday, September 15, 2005

How to Hide

Every now and then we're asked "How can I start life over and hide?" Well, this is one of the things we consider when looking for people.

Some people that we're trying to locate have simply moved away and the person looking for them lost track of their whereabouts. It's often the case with friends in school.

At other times, a father who owes child support will make some efforts to hide from his ex and authorities by shredding his credit cards, closing his checking account, using cash, and getting a mail box at the UPS Store.

In extreme cases, a fugitive will go to great lengths to hide. Usually, they'll steal someone's identity, including a person's date of birth and Social Security Number.

If someone really doesn't want to be found, ever, here's the secret, which most people are either unwilling, or unable, to do. If you REALLY want to disappear and not ever be found, you must cut off all friends, relatives and associates. NO ONE, not even your best friend, should know where you are. You have to establish a totally new identity and disappear from all past associates.

However, no matter what you do, there are always links to your past which could lead to you. It could be habits, hobbies, interests (such as hunting and fishing), or favorite places. When looking for hard-to-find people we always keep these things in mind.

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