Friday, September 30, 2005

Be a Private Investigator! Help us.

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Anonymous said...

This image came to me by email more than a year ago and I can't stop thinking about the woman in these images. She was so beautiful, like Catherine Zeta Jones in her youth. It is hard to believe it the same woman in the mugshots from beginning to end.

Who was she? What happened to her? How does such a beautiful young girl end up looking like a hardened old bag lady in just 10 years?

I feel her story needs to be told -if not only to deter young people from trying drugs in the first place. I have spent endless hours doing research - from contacting the communications people within the New York City Police Department to faxing over a request to help identify her to every drug treatment centre I could find in New York City.

I feel her life story is one that must be told. These images have haunted me for the past year and I need to find out the story behind these images.