Friday, September 23, 2005


Most weekends we have at least one surveillance job going down. We just wrapped up a very difficult one during UN Week. All the good hotels in New York were filled with diplomats from 150 countries. The town was swarming with all kinds of black-suited security personnel.

In the hotel where are assignment was there were Secret Service agents guarding doors with loaded shotguns, including the floor where our room was. (When conducting a surveillance at New York hotels, we always require the client to pay for a room for our investigators. With security the way it is in New York, this is a must.)

The targets of our surveillance were very high-profile people, which made the job even more difficult. Initially we placed four investigators at the site. After we established the pattern of the targets, we were able to reduce the investigators to two.

Surveillance is always a combination of skill and luck. We provided the skill, and providence provided the luck.

Employing an infrared digital camcorder, we rounded out the weekend with some fabulous video. Skill and luck.

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