Monday, November 28, 2005

Worldwide Service at Sherlock Investigations

At Sherlock Investigations we have colleagues and reliable contacts in countries around the world. Whether you need an investigation conducted in Hong Kong, Israel, or South Africa, we can do it.

Recently, we set up surveillance on a target in Tanzania. This took quite a bit of effort as a private investigator was prepared to fly up from South Africa for the assignment. At the last minute (and before we received a retainer), the client pulled out.

Some countries, such as China, prohibit private investigation. That doesn't stop private eyes in China though, they just call themselves "consultants." Other countries, such as Saudi Arabia, don't allow surveillance. Still, there are private eyes there willing to take a chance and do it. However, their fees are very high.

In most countries out of the U.S., investigation fees are high. If you need service outside of the United States, expect to pay quite a bit more than you would for the same investigation here.

Whether you need to locate someone in a foreign country, need surveillance, or want to background someone or a company, Sherlock Investigations is at your service.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent public service you you are providing. Bless you, Deneen Edwards