Saturday, October 01, 2005

Iraq war hard on families

You might wonder how the title of this article is related to private investigation. In just a minute you'll see. I've read several articles about how hard the Iraq war has been on families. It's easy to imagine, with the low pay, and the long absences from their families, men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer greatly, and their families at home suffer too.

It recently dawned on me about another aspect of this strain on families. At Sherlock Investigations we're getting a steady increase in email and satellite phone contacts from men serving in Iraq and Afganistan. They're concerned about their wives or girlfriends back home. Their concern is that their wives or girlfriends back in the States are having affairs.

In one case, someone stateside was concerned about a soldier having an affair in Iraq with another officer.

While we try to help in these cases, frankly, even when we reduce our rates for Armed Service personnel, most of them cannot afford very much in the way of investigation. Meanwhile, the affair goes on while the soldier's other worry is just to stay alive long enough to get back home and straighten things out.

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