Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Internet Fraud and You

The Internet is truly a great advance in global communications. It's made the world a smaller place. With it, we meet people, conduct business, and purchase everything from homes to groceries.

The Internet has also exposed us to virtual criminals. Criminals all over the world use the Internet to separate people from their money. Whether they sell non-existent items on eBay, or non-existent stocks, candy machines, unclaimed funds in hidden bank accounts, or counterfeit merchandise, they have just about perfected their many scams.

At Sherlock Investigations, we endeavor to keep ahead of these criminals. Unfortunately, our clients usually come to us after they've been ripped off.

In solving cases of Internet fraud, we can trace email, determine who really owns a web site, or find the location of a seller of an item on eBay. Just like Sherlock, we look for clues that the ordinary person just simply doesn't see. Then when add two and two together, and zero in on the culprit.

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