Thursday, October 06, 2005

Phone taps

Every day we get calls and email from people who think that their phone has been tapped, or that their house or car is bugged. Sometimes they're right.

The other day a woman contacted us because she thought her phone had been recently tapped. If one were to size up the situation without knowing the whole story it was almost amusing. She said during the time her phone was allegedly tapped, she kept hearing a "tap, tap, tap" sound on her phone.

If your phone IS tapped, you won't hear "tap, tap, tap," or any other sound. It's possible that for a few seconds when the phone is being tapped that you'll hear a little static. That's if someone is attaching aligator clips or some other device to your line. And if that's the case, you can physically follow your phone lines through the house and all the way out to the pole and you should be able to locate the device.

Now, if your a person of interest to the FBI, they'll get a court order and tap your phone from the phone company's Central Office. This is completely undetectable. And if you think the FBI, IRS, or Homeland Security is bugging your phone, home, or car, please do not call us. If we were able to find their bugs and point them out to you, we could be charged with obstruction of justice.

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