Sunday, October 23, 2005

NY Private Investigators

NY Private Investigators, New York Private Investigators, Private Investigators New York, Private Investigators NY

No doubt, you're wondering what is all this gibberish. Well, I recently extolled Google on this blog. Generally, Sherlock Investigations is very pleased with Google. However, once in a while there's what I call a Google Earthquake, where they really shake up the search rankings. I think it's done to force companies into buying Google Adwords, which can be pretty expensive, and is, by the way, how Google makes its billions.

Last week there was a Google Earthquake. Sherlock Investigations has always been on page one of a Google search for New York Private Investigators, except when there's a Google Earthquake. The above is a test, which I won't go into.

Meanwhile, thank you for visting our site, and I hope to write something more interesting shortly.

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