Friday, October 21, 2005

Why Sherlock Investigations isn't on TV

Yesterday we received invitations from two television production companies to participate in television shows about private eyes. One was for Court TV and the other for a new show on NBC.

I thanked them both for their interest in Sherlock Investigations, but told them that we weren't interested.

Last summer we did a pilot for another production company. They showed it to Court TV and a couple of other networks. So far, no go. This is fine with me.

There are three basic reasons I turn down these offers. First, we're private investigators, not actors. Second, our office is busy. Lights, cameras, and extra people lurking around really gets in the way. And third, we employ investigative secrets and tactics for completing investigations. We don't want to broadcast them to the world, and our competition.

Would the folks at Coca Cola let the cameras in when brewing their closely-guarded formula? I don't think so.

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